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Building Decks in Winter Time

picture of a deck in winter a snowy scene. Regan total construction can build decks in the winter

 Why Building Your New Deck In The Winter Is Ideal

A common misconception homeowners have is they should wait until the spring to install a new deck or replace their existing one. However, while spring is one of the most popular times of the year when decks are built, deck contractors welcome the idea of taking on a winter deck building project. And when you have your deck completed in the winter, it will be ready for you to enjoy when the temperatures begin warming, rather than having to wait until the heat of the summer to use it. 

An outdoor deck can significantly enhance your space, and it can be customized to fit all of your needs and interests. Winter isn’t usually the ideal time to be spending on your outdoor deck, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it built and ready to go ahead of time, so it’s ready to use when temperatures are more comfortable outside. Here are some of the many reasons why the fall and winter months are ideal for having a custom deck company build your outdoor deck.

Lower Materials And Labor Costs

Deck contractors often purchase materials from wholesale vendors rather than retail stores. Most retail stores won’t drop prices on deck building materials, but wholesale vendors do. As a result, the cost of the materials will be lower for the deck contractors to purchase, and the best contractors will pass those savings along to the homeowner, or at least split the savings with them. Savings on materials can be significant and hard to beat when you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

A custom deck company may also offer cheaper labor costs in the winter since it’s their slowest season of the year. With harsh winter weather that can occur at any time, homeowners often don’t think about having their deck built. Deck companies may entice homeowners by offering lower labor costs so they can have a project to work on and complete by the end of the year.

Quicker Response Times From Contractors

Another benefit of having a deck built during the winter is deck contractors are typically more readily available. Without multiple projects in progress at the same time, they can focus more attention on your project and answer all questions you may have. Sometimes you can get lucky and be the only project a particular deck company has at the time, so the deck could be built in a matter of several days or a couple of weeks. This doesn’t mean the quality of labor or workmanship will be lower, but when a team can dedicate their full attention to your project, it can get completed much more quickly. And sometimes, the biggest issue that creates delays is getting necessary building permits. With not as many projects potentially going on in your country, you or your contractor might be able to obtain permits quickly so the project can begin as soon as possible.

Wood Reacts To Cold Weather Better Than Hot Temperatures

wooden deck built in winter doesnt warp

Deck contractors can also be more efficient with the deck installation when they work during cooler temperatures. When decks are installed in the summer, the wood contracts and expands easily, which leads to warping and cracking. It’s not uncommon to see certain boards look much different from one day to the next when a deck is built during the summer. Of course, the best deck contractors will fix these issues to ensure the final product is exactly what you desire, but the duration of the project could be longer due to these problems. During the winter, though, these issues aren’t present. With the dry air in the environment, the wood can stabilize faster and dry evenly, so the chances of warping or cracking are much lower. 

Staining Your Deck Is More Effective In The Winter

While it may not be possible to stain your new deck if you just had a strong winter storm or if one is expected, the winter is typically the ideal time to add stain. During the humidity of the summer, the wood could absorb the moisture and crack or peel. When this happens, the stain won’t absorb into the wood as easily and won’t be as effective functionally or aesthetically. Again, these types of problems aren’t present in the winter, and you can have a more effective treatment with the stain since the temperatures are cooler and the air is dryer.

Be Ready To Enjoy Your Deck In The Spring

You likely won’t be using your outdoor deck much during the winter months anyway, so why not use that inactive time to have your deck built? It requires a little thinking ahead and planning for how you want it to look in the spring, but the benefit is it’s ready to be used when the temperatures warm up. Plus, spring is the busiest season for most deck contractors, so unless you can schedule your project early, you may not be able to enjoy it until the middle of spring or later. Take the wintertime to build the outdoor deck you’ve always wanted, purchase your furniture and other items ahead of time, and it will be ready to use as soon as it’s warm enough to spend time outside.

If you do an online search for “deck designers and builders near me,” you’ll likely end up with a lot of results. An outdoor deck is a great investment for a home as it provides a welcoming environment for your family and friends, as well as boost the value of your home. However, choosing the cheapest custom deck company to complete the project isn’t always the best option. At Regan Total Construction, we offer competitive pricing and high-quality materials and workmanship so you can enjoy your outdoor deck for years to come. We install custom decks year-round and are ready and able to start on your project as soon as possible. Now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor deck, so contact us today to see some samples of our work and receive a full, detailed quote.

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Building Deck Accessories

Top Deck Accessories You Need for Your Outdoor Space

Have you chosen to work with deck building contractors to install a new outdoor space? If so, you have plenty to think about—but that doesn’t mean you aren’t already dreaming about how you’re going to decorate your new deck or patio once construction is finished. After putting in the time and effort to build a deck, it only makes sense that you would want to choose some outstanding deck accessories so you will be able to enjoy your new deck as much as possible, no matter the weather or the season. With that in mind, these are some of the top deck accessories to consider so you can make the most of your new deck or patio once your deck building contractors get things wrapped up. 

Deck and Patio Umbrellas

There are plenty of reasons to consider an umbrella when choosing deck accessories for your new outdoor space. First and foremost, it can cool things down, giving you and your guests a nice, shady spot to escape from the sun. However, as you shop for umbrellas, it can also be a good idea to scout out waterproof options. This will allow you to continue enjoying your deck even in less-than-perfect weather conditions. When working with a waterproof deck company, you can also be assured that your new deck can withstand rain as well as snow, frost, and other similar conditions. All of this combined gives you more options for enjoying your deck, no matter what mother nature throws at you. 

Potted Plants and Trees

Among the many deck accessories that can add incredible natural beauty to this kind of space are potted plants and trees. Just as there are hundreds, if not thousands of plants and trees to choose from, there are numerous ways to use them to decorate your deck. Smaller plants can be used along railings, while larger potted trees can create a natural screen for a deck. Do remember that potted plants and trees will need watering regularly, in addition to other types of care. This is why it’s essential to have a deck built by a waterproof deck company so it can stand up to plenty of spills or bits of dirt coming loose, among other issues, can be so convenient.

Area Rugs and Tiles

Area rugs are more than just attractive. They also provide a more homey feel, making your deck feel more like another room of the house than just an outdoor space. It is now possible to find area rugs made to be used outdoors. These options are weather-resistant and even more durable, so they can hold up to being left out in the rain, frost, or other inclement conditions without problems such as developing mold or mildew over time. 

Meanwhile, composite tiles can be just as useful and as durable as rugs. The only difference is that they require a little bit of installation, though this is a simple process as the tiles are made up of interlocking pieces that simply fit into place over the top of your deck. These tiles are made up of various types of waterproof materials, and in addition to providing you a comfortable, non-slip surface to walk on, will also provide extra protection for your deck’s surface.

Built-In Grills and Barbeques for Decks

Is there anybody who doesn’t love spending time outside while cooking their favorite foods? There is nothing better than time at the grill for most people, and one of the best accessories for any deck is a grill. There are many different options available for those interested in having a grill on their deck. These include small fire pits, which can be used for cooking as well as for sitting around a small fire and relaxing. You can also find standard-sized portable grills, which can be a good choice for the average deck. However, for many, the best choice is a built-in grill. Those interested in having a grill built into their deck can speak with their deck building contractors about the possibility of having a grill worked into the design of their deck or patio.

Deck Lighting

All too often, people forget that they will be using their deck in the evening and at night as well as during the day. This can lead to a bit of a rush to find quick deck lighting options when someone is preparing for their first party on a new deck. It is far better to consider the type of deck lighting you would like in advance while thinking about all of the deck accessories you would like. There are many different choices available when it comes to deck lighting. While traditional lighting is still available, many more people are now choosing low energy LED lighting and even solar lighting, which is energy-efficient and affordable. Your deck building contractors can often help you find the lighting option most suitable for your deck’s design.

Hopefully, some of these deck accessories have given you a little bit of inspiration, whether you are currently in the process of working with deck building contractors to build a new deck or you’re just thinking about it. There are plenty of great deck accessories available to help you truly make your deck or patio your own, allowing it to feel like an extension of your home where you and your loved ones can feel comfortable rather than just another outdoor space. 

There are many different things that you can do to make your deck stand out from the rest, no matter what you have in mind. This ranges from adding deck accessories to complete renovations of the deck you currently have in your outdoor space. If you would like a little more inspiration, contact our team at Regan Total Construction today to speak with our experienced team of deck building contractors about the vision you have for your deck. 

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