3 Areas of Your Deck You Should Inspect Regularly

Old wooden deck that needs to be repaired or replaced

Homeowners often agree one of the most valuable home additions is a nice outdoor deck. You have a lot of options to choose from, with wood being the most popular decking material. Not only can you enjoy spending time outdoors on your deck, but it also increases your property value. So what’s not to love about them?

One thing you have to be aware of about wood decks is the maintenance involved with them. While there is routine maintenance you have to do a couple of times a year, there are also things to look out for long-term as the wood becomes weathered and used more. The top wood deck repair contractors in your area can explain some of the specific issues to look out for, but it’s important to evaluate the entire space for potential problems.

Why Is It Important To Inspect Your Deck?

A neglected wood deck can turn into a dangerous one quickly. Any soft spots in the wood could be a sign of rot. And if any of the fasteners start popping up, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Too many accidents occur across the country as a result of a poorly maintained deck. An unsafe deck can ruin a backyard party quickly if the deck collapses and someone gets hurt. It’s well worth a search for “deck repair companies near me” to fix any issues you see immediately. Here are the top three areas of your deck that you need to inspect regularly.

1. Check The Wood Thoroughly And Regularly

The first thing wood deck repair contractors look at is the condition of the wood. Natural wood will weather over time, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. Always look at the deck boards in addition to the railings, supports, framing, joists, and any other wood features you have. Look for any boards that are split, warped, bowed, or show signs of rot. Proper care and maintenance over the years can prevent these issues from occurring, but it still needs to be evaluated regularly.

Splintered wood can happen for many reasons. If it’s exposed to direct sunlight, it could splinter more easily. Sometimes you can simply replace individual boards in these situations. Other times it might make more sense to replace the entire deck surface if most of the boards are experiencing splintering issues. Wood deck repair contractors can help you determine the extent in which you need to repair or replace wood boards.

2. Structural Support System

Many people make the mistake of neglecting to inspect their deck’s structural support system. Since a lot of the support system is not easily visible, it often gets overlooked. The structural supports include the boards under the deck that supports the deck floor. This area is prime for wood rot due to moisture, and can also be vulnerable to insect infestations that can damage the wood.

You want to look for twisting or warping of the wood that doesn’t allow it to attach to other boards properly. The rim joist is the board on the outside of the deck and needs to be in great shape at all times. If you see any sagging in your deck, it’s a sure sign that your support system below the deck is faulty or damaged and needs to be addressed. If you’re dealing with an issue of rot, then the deck could become dangerous to walk on quickly.

3. Deck Attachments And Stairs

Always check any deck attachments, stairs, benches, railings, and anything else that includes fasteners. Your deck is likely attached to your home with bolts if it was installed properly. Lag screws and nails may cause problems and need to be replaced by wood deck repair contractors.

As a homeowner, you can keep your deck safe by ensuring all fasteners and brackets are secured properly. If the deck was not built with the correct screws or fasteners, they could pull out over time. And if your deck is aged, then screws could pop up throughout the deck and potentially injure someone. You don’t necessarily have to fix all of these problems on your own, but it is the first sign that you should have wood deck repair contractors out to take a look.

Consider A Professional Evaluation Of Your Deck

It’s worth searching for “deck contractors in my area” if you see any of the issues mentioned above with your deck. Wood decks are not meant to last forever and it’s important to realize when it might be time for significant repairs or a full replacement. Having a professional inspect your deck periodically is valuable to ensure it is always safe. However, you can also help by inspecting your deck regularly and not ignoring any possible issues or discounting them as not a big deal.

Regal Total Construction is here to ensure homeowners have a safe deck to enjoy throughout the year. We are happy to provide an evaluation of your deck and make recommendations for repairs or a complete replacement. Chances are if you have had your wood deck for 10+ years, it is time to consider replacing it in the near future. You have a lot of options available to choose from with decks today, and our experienced team can cover them all for you. Never neglect maintenance on your deck so you can prevent accidents from occurring. If you need a professional opinion and evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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