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Wood decks are beautiful, but they need frequent upkeep. That includes routine cleaning and restaining to keep them looking their best and to prevent damage that can make them unsafe. Fortunately, there are decking options available that require much less maintenance and look just as attractive. If you are seeking low maintenance decks in Simsbury, CT, Farmington, CT, Glastonbury, CT or one of the surrounding areas, choose Trex® composite decks, which are made of durable man made materials that simulate the look of wood. Many styles are available depending on the look you want for your outdoor living area.

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Low Maintenance Means a Higher Value 

Trex® composite decks may have a slightly higher upfront cost but will be cheaper in the long run as they do not require the frequent cleaning and restaining that traditional wood decks require. If you are interested in a long lasting, low maintenance deck you can find many options available through Regan Total Construction, a TrexPro® Platinum certified installer. With a Trex® composite deck, your new deck will be built from materials that ensure little to no maintenance over the years. We make sure you understand the merits of the materials used in maintenance-free decks. 

Composite Decking Options

Whether you are building your new deck from the ground up or looking for an outdated deck replacement, Regan Total Construction will take your needs into account. We will help you navigate the pros and cons of the various deck styles available. With our experience working with maintenance-free decks and composite decking material, we can help you choose the right materials, colors and design of your new deck.

We are dedicated to helping Glastonbury, CT, Simsbury, CT, and Farmington, CT residents find the perfect deck design. We can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams at a reasonable price with the features you desire. If you would like to learn more about the many different options available for maintenance-free composite decks, or to receive a free quote, contact us today

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