Building Quality with Confidence: Decks by RTC and Michael Regan

When planning to build your dream deck, it’s crucial to partner with professionals who not only carry the required expertise but are also continuously updating their skills to stay at the forefront of the industry. Decks by RTC and its leading man, Michael Regan, exemplify such dedication to quality and continued professional development.

Decks by RTC has established its name in the deck building industry with a stellar reputation built on trust, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team, led by Michael Regan, continuously strives for excellence, ensuring that every project undertaken is executed flawlessly, aligning with industry standards and exceeding customer expectations.

Michael Regan, a seasoned professional, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every deck project. His drive for excellence doesn’t stop at experience, as he continues to undergo factory training with renowned companies such as Trex. Such ongoing training ensures that he remains updated with the latest materials, technologies, and installation methods, enabling him to deliver the best possible results for every deck construction.

But the pursuit of quality doesn’t stop with Michael. His commitment to industry-leading standards extends to his team as well. The carpenters working under the banner of Decks by RTC are also highly trained and certified, each one a master in their craft. Their hands-on training and certifications reflect in their quality of work, assuring you that your deck will be built right, down to the smallest detail.

Moreover, Michael Regan holds numerous deck-building certifications and accreditations, which further cement his status as a trusted professional in the industry. These certifications aren’t mere documents but are testament to his comprehensive knowledge of building codes, materials, design aesthetics, and construction methodologies, all contributing to the successful execution of deck projects.

By choosing Decks by RTC and Michael Regan, you’re opting for a service that values quality, customer satisfaction, and professional growth. Their dedication to continual learning and adherence to the highest industry standards ensures that your deck will not only be beautiful and functional but will also stand the test of time.

Invest in your home with confidence, knowing that your project is in the hands of certified professionals committed to excellence. Let Decks by RTC and Michael Regan translate your vision of a dream deck into reality, built with utmost precision, quality, and craftsmanship.