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Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Deck Builder

Deck contractor building a new composite trex deck

Do you want to know the secret to creating the perfect deck of your dreams? Hiring the right deck builder. You can explain your vision to several deck and patio builders, but only the most experienced and specialized contractors will be able to carry through with it. Nowadays, deck building has become a specialized trade and shouldn’t be left in the hands of a general contractor.

With so many different options you have for your deck, it’s critical to work with deck companies that are knowledgeable and experienced. You’re making a major investment in your home by building a deck, so it needs to be done properly. Take your time when talking to various Trex deck contractors and consider these factors before hiring one.

Only Consider Specialized Deck And Patio Builders

General contractors are capable of building decks. However, with the ever-changing building code requirements and manufacturer restrictions, general contractors typically don’t keep up with them. That’s why opting for specialized deck and patio builders is the best option. They will ensure all codes and regulations are followed and the necessary permits are pulled. Specialized deck builders also know about manufacturer installation instructions and understand the product inside and out. This can give you peace of mind knowing all decking, railing, and trim will be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. The deck will perform correctly, last longer, and the manufacturer’s warranty will be valid.

Look Out For Red Flags In Communication

Once you’ve identified a few Trex deck contractors to interview, you need to look for characteristics to separate them. Communication is a vital component of any home renovation project, especially deck building. If a contractor is too busy to return your initial phone call timely, then it’s a red flag that they might be too busy to communicate with you effectively throughout the project. The contractor should be clear and transparent with their communication from the very beginning. You will appreciate prioritizing this characteristic once the project gets going.

Ensure All Agreements Are In Writing

Ask all deck companies you interview if they will provide contracts and agreements in writing before the project begins. Some contractors will make multiple promises during the interview process and then neglect to relay those to their team. That’s why getting a written agreement is so critical. Whether it’s holding them accountable to their timeline, certain features promised with your deck, pricing, or anything else, you need something in writing to fall back on.

Ask For References

The best deck and patio builders should have plenty of references and won’t be afraid to give some to you. If they hesitate to provide them to you, it should be perceived as a warning sign that they might not make their customers very happy. And if they do, be sure to utilize the references to help you through the interview process. Reach out to those references and ask important questions like:

  • What was the process like when working with this contractor?
  • Were you kept informed throughout the project?
  • Were all agreements met to your expectations?
  • Would you consider working with this contractor again for future projects?

If possible, send these types of questions to three different references. Everyone has unique situations, so getting input from different people can give you a good idea about how the contractor works. If a reference provides any concerning information to you, then feel free to bring it up to the contractor and allow them to explain.

Does The Contractor Offer Workmanship Guarantees?

Skilled and experienced Trex deck contractors should be confident in their workmanship. When you opt for high-quality decks like Trex decks, you can take advantage of manufacturer warranties. You shouldn’t have to worry about any workmanship issues when you work with specialized deck and patio builders, but it’s best to have some guarantees in your back pocket just in case.

Ask contractors if they will come back at no charge if you identify any defects or issues within the first year or two after the deck is built. Even after a thorough inspection following the completion of the project, you might not realize a defect. Once you start using the deck how it’s intended, you may notice a board is not secured thoroughly or other similar issues. Knowing your contractor has a workmanship guarantee can give you peace of mind in these situations.

Understand Lead Times And Completion Dates Thoroughly

Be careful with contractors who make promises that seem a little too good to be true. While it may be possible to build a deck in two or three days, it’s usually unrealistic if the contractor is juggling other projects. No one likes to live in a construction zone for longer than they have to, so nail down all lead times and completion dates with your contractor. Unforeseen circumstances can happen that lead to delays, but as long as the contractor communicates with you, then it shouldn’t seem like as big of a deal.

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