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  1. I’m wanting to build my new deck at the end of this month and I want to make sure it has everything I want on it. Thanks for mentioning adding some curves to the deck for additional space and seating. I’ll have to put that in the plans and make sure I have space for cooking on the grill.

  2. These are great suggestions. Most people don’t think about small details like curves, lighting, and railings. Thanks for posting. I especially like the idea of making space for cooking. We love spending time on our deck when the weather is beautiful and cooking outdoors is a favorite pastime for us. Having an outdoor grill on the deck is perfect!

  3. Wow! This is some great insight in how to design your own deck and make it unique! I especially agree with the lighting part of what you wrote. Not many people understand how important it is and how big of a difference it can make!

  4. You hit on every single important feature and need for a deck. If I might add lighting is also important for safety. Many folks love to enjoy the outdoors on cool evenings and seeing where you’re going is important. Also a good railing! thanks!

  5. You have great and unique tips. I am actually new to the deck-building industry. I am happy to know your insights and thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. You have helped me a lot. I am excited to learn from experts like you and your company.

  6. Good point on a feature to give you a noticeable difference on your deck without ripping the whole thing out, is the railing. There are so many different options out there for railings. This could give you the flare that you need on your deck, or just the update you need to make it look like new without starting from scratch.

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